See and do more with a self-drive holiday

August 5, 2022

See Adelaide and South Australia the best way you can

Travelling to unfamiliar destinations is an exciting adventure. There is so many wonderful places to explore in Adelaide, which is especially fun if you have plenty of time in which to travel. You can map out your journey on public transport, get hopelessly lost in the sights and sounds of the city, hills or beaches, and find your way back home on a tram, train or bus. You can be delightfully spontaneous about your daily escapades, as long as you have a keen sense of direction.

Exploring a new place via public transport relies on the luxury of time and patience, while a self-drive holiday can see holiday-makers take in twice the sights in half the time. Smart travellers with wanderlust and a desire to see as much as they can in the time they are in South Australia will find the best form of transport is their own vehicle, and the best way to access this means of travel is to rent a car.

By using a hire car, you have the ability to go anywhere on the map at any time of the day, in any weather. You can take a drive through the Adelaide Hills and immerse yourself in the stunning scenery at your own pace. Head out to a winery, take in a few antique shops and then watch the sunset over the rolling hills without having to worry about being on the correct bus home, or having to share the experience with a group of strangers.

A hire car is the perfect way to get around to places of interest in Adelaide, and it doesn’t cost the earth. Car rental is efficient, convenient and comfortable, and it means you can spend less time deciphering tram timetables at Goodwood and more time sitting at the beachside cafe tables at Glenelg.